The Habits Masterclass

Learn exactly what the experts say about creating, sustaining and breaking habits.  This masterclass was created from the best actionable ideas from 20+ books on habits.  Save hundreds of hours of reading, and get started today.


My Habits Story

When I first set out to learn about habits I actually thought I knew a lot.  Coming from my previous business as a personal trainer, habits was a big part of my training and day to day life.  After helping hundreds of people build healthy habits, break bad habits and understand that process for themselves I honestly thought I knew it all. 

Boy was I wrong! 

After taking on the challenge of studying habits for over 100+ hours, reading dozens of books and watching countless interviews I realized I had been making a lot of mistakes.  Habits, I've found don't need to be as difficult to build as I originally thought.  There are tactics, researched by experts that can make habits easy and enjoyable to build.  

Since creating this course my own habits have dramatically improved and so have the habits of the dozen's of coaching clients I tested these methods out on.

The Secrets to Building Habits That Last

During my research I learned a lot about what it takes to build habits that last.  The traditional route of relying on willpower to get you past an imaginary 30 day threshold is not effective.

Instead, you need to spend time understanding: 

- How Willpower Really Works and What's Blocking You From Using It
- How to Identify the Single Habit That Makes all The Others Easier or Unnecessary
- The Power of IF THEN Statements for Conserving Willpower and Making Habit Building Easier

This course contains those lessons, plus over a dozen other big ideas on how to make habits work for you.  All coming from 100's of hours of research and dozen's of coaching clients real-world application.

What you get with the course!

2 Hours of Video Breakdown

Lessons filled with wisdom from the greatest minds on habits, supplemented with personal stories and those of clients.

Interactive Mind Map

Get the Mind Map download to fully immerse yourself in the teachings.  Built in learning techniques help you get the most out of the course.

Ebook Companion

New feature includes an ebook companion, take better notes make highlights and fit the material to your learning style.

Audio Downloads

Learning on The Go?  Get the most out of the course with full length audio downloads.

One on One Video Coaching

Knowledge is great, practice is better.  If you're struggling to put anything in the course into practice take advantage of unlimited one on one video coaching with me. 


Who's the course for?

The course is aimed at a people who (like me) want to get the most out of life and realize habits are the way to get there. Yes, there is more to living 'the good life' than having healthy habits.  But if it wasn't important I wouldn't be spending so much time thinking about it.

Someone Looking to Get or Stay Healthy
- You already know how important it is to get and stay in shape.  Maybe you've already tried many different diet or exercise plans.
- But what you've noticed is that, when you're trying a new workout or way of eating you're struggling to stick with it for very long.  
- After this 2 hour course you'll know how to effectively craft habits for yourself that allow you to consistently hit your diet and exercise goals.  

Someone Looking to Start or Grow a Business

- You're starting or running a business, and have a plan and unique opportunity that you believe is going to be successful.  
- But what you've noticed is that a plan only gets you so far.  Success in business comes from small daily actions, which you're struggling to string together. 
- After this 2 hours course you'll understand how to create yourself a habit based system for business growth.  

Someone Looking to Lead Effectively
- You're already a leader, someone who manages or coaches others and is looking to help them be successful. 
- But each conversation you have feels like a short term win.  The person you're leading is having trouble implementing what you're teaching them. 
- After this 2 hours course, not only will you understand how to create habits for yourself.  But you'll deeply understand how habits work for others, making you a more effective and efficient leader/coach.

Someone Tired of Struggling to Make Change
- You're trying to make progress in life; either your relationships, career or other personal goals.
- But everything you've tried has come up short.  New productivity techniques, accountability programs or willpower haven't worked. 
- After this course, you'll understand why those techniques aren't effective and what to do instead to make sure you're measurably and repeatedly moving towards your goals. 

Vas S
Actor on Netflix, Hulu and CBS

"Ethan, you've helped me understand the VALUE of my business. And your coaching is exponential increasing that value to new clients every single day. I am 100x more equipped to grow my business with your coaching, and I don't have to sacrifice any time or effort in doing so. In fact you have SAVED me tons of time and money that I can put into delivering a better service for my clients and increasing my IMPACT."

Joseph Rodriques
YouTube Creator and Coach

"I've realized through connecting with and getting to know Ethan that others can really benefit from working with him.  And I just love referring people because he does good work consistently."

Josh Lyons
Owner, Zero to Motorbike

"Ethan gave me a sounding board for life and business ideas that I’ve never prior found. His conversation is both a joyous game of ‘creative play’ as self-developers call it, and profound hard-working problem solving. There is nobody else I turn to (or would rather book a call with) when I need to take my studying and reading to the next level of discussing and fleshing our ideas. Every call is worth thousands of dollars in the speed we together come to new insights from our talks."

What's in the course?


Mathew Broad
Video Game Designer

"Initially I reached out to Ethan for help with learning and Mind Mapping.  Over the course of 6 coaching calls our conversations ranged from self image to spirituality and personal growth!  These 6 calls lead to had a profound and direct impact on my"

Brenda Tessle

"Ethan, I watched your Masterclass on Habits and found it very inspiring. The books you covered would have taken me a year to read but there, in a matter of hours, you had captured the highlights and noteworthy details of many excellent books. I took lots of notes and was able to incorporate many new habits into my life. I found it very helpful."

Ryley Koebel
Real Estate Investor

"Working with Ethan opened my eyes to a lot of things I was missing..  Being able to see my business from a different perspective was immensely helpful!  My business will see growth as a direct result of conversations and courses from Ethan."

Money-Back Guarantee

I want this investment to be 100% risk free for you.  If you watch the lessons, complete the homework and don't find it valuable, drop me an email and I'll happily refund your full payment.

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